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Tumblr Monday 59

Daniele Buetti (b.1955, Switzerland) - White Tears, Lightbox #230. C-print on lightbox, 100x81 cm (2005) / Hand. Lightbox, 97x127 cm (2001-2002)

Many thanks to showslow for this Tumblr Monday to share with us one of her favorites contemporary visual artists: Daniele Buetti, who works in various media including photography, video, sound, drawing, sculpture, and digitally assisted work. The nature of reality and the function of our emotions is Buetti’s ongoing concern. His scenarios use the language and tools of visual seduction, familiar to us through our exposure to advertising and the media. Thus, the artist initially conveys us to a world of apparent desirable happiness and fame. Buetti, however, looks behind the curtains of high-gloss limelight to reveal the frailness of appearances, together with the anxiety and insecurity behind an immaculate façade. He equips his beauties with speech bubbles for them to express unspoken, very personal feelings, far from their consumer appeal. We are lead to reflect on our own emotional experience of the close and infinitely precarious, but also emotional relationship between appearance and reality, exaltation and despair. (cf. wikipedia).

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