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When I stumbled onto 2headedsnake this evening, I was captivated by the visual content. I asked the blogger if a particular piece on the blog was worthy of a song, and I was pointed toward this .gif of a bird in a glass bubble. I stared at the encased bird, hmm’d and hah’d and humanized the situation, and wrote this song, “Menagerie”. Hit play, close your eyes, imagine accompanying violins, and enjoy. — K.C.


Little bird, you want to spread your wings.
But you’re trapped, and there’s no leaving.
You’d be fine if you were blind, but you can see
through the glass walls of your menagerie.
And I could let you out, if you let me…

Your oxygen grows thin, and I could breathe new life.
But you refuse to believe in that light.
There’s a world of warmth outside your window,
and I could let it all in with one stone’s throw.
And I could let you out, if you let me…in.