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by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on September 18, 2014

This Saturday, CHG Circa will debut “Giants Among Us,” a group show that challenged artists to interpret the figure of the giant and how it plays out in folklore, contemporary culture and their own mythology.The group of mostly narrative painters each had their own unique interpretation of what a giant might look like. In John Brophy’s digital-looking painting, a triumphant character in a furry battle costume appears to be the giant compared to a small firefly resting on her finger. Korin Faught and Armando Marino also opt for subtle ways of approaching the theme. In Faught’s Impressionistic work, a larger-than-average human skull hints at a giant’s presence, while a dark shadow over a river makes us wonder what’s about to happen in Marino’s piece.

The full artist line-up includes: Anita Kunz, Andrew Brandou, Armando Marino, Benjamin Bryce Kelley, Billy Norrby, Christofer Kochs, David Stoupakis, Eric Joyner, Joe Fenton, John Brophy, KINSEY, Korin Faught, Maria Kreyn, Matt Rota, Sarah Folkman, Selena Wong, So Youn Lee, and Van Arno.   “Giants Among Us” will be on view September 20 through October 4.

1.John Brophy      2. Korin Faught    3.So Youn Lee   4.Armando Marino

5.David Stoupakis    6.Eric Joyner


pall: The Sun, photographed by Solar Dynamics Observatory, 2nd June 2014.

19 frames over 24 hours. The west limb of the Sun presented in inverted 21.1 nm + 17.1 nm light. 

Image credit: NASA/SDO, EVE/HMI/AIA. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

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If cats were human

My cat just caught and maimed a chipmunk. Didn’t killed it. I tried to save it but it doesn’t look good.

Can you imagine if a human came up to you and said “Can I live with you. You feed me, clean up my shit, I’ll give you affection when I feel like it, oh and by the way I like to torture little animals..not kill them really but that sometimes happens. Oh yeah, and I might destroy some of your stuff.